Mission Statement

FIRESTOP SPECIALITY, LLC is an accredited Firestop Speciality Contrator and is recognized throughout the industry as a leading and quality contractor of life safety and Firestop Systems. A “Firestop” is a fire protection system made up of various components to seal openings or joints to prevent the spread of fire, smoke andinfectious disease making it ideal for military and homeland security usages.



FIRESTOP SPECIALITY, LLC has provided consistent high quality Firestop Systems as a critical part of Effective Compartmentation. They have maintained exceptional knowledge of this specialized trade.


Throughout the years, FIRESTOP SPECIALITY, LLC professional commitment to fire and life safety, FIRESTOP SPECIALITY, LLC has enhanced public safety andproperty protection for their customers.


FIRESTOP SPECIALITY, LLC is committed to maintain the highest standards with focus on continued reliability of Firestop Systems through proper design, installation, inspection, maintenance and management of their Firestop systems to ensure the highest reliability standards.

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